Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The power is still holding fast so Mr. R can watch
his beloved alma mater, DUKE,
currently ranked #1, play Wake Forest at Wake.
How we loved being Cameron Crazies
for those two years of grad school.
It was a waaaay good time!
Go Blue Devils!
{flickr by Fingers in the Frosting}


Steve said...

Very kind and supportive and I love the montage of pictures. They played well on defense and just got nipped at the end (away from home, only shooting 33% - will get'em next time). I like Duke's chances come tournament time.

Nguyen Family said...

I am glad you guys have your power back on! I am loving all the neat picturs on your blog. Not to rub it in, but any loss for duke is a good one ha ha Carolina all the way!!

Emily said...

I wish we had pictures of me in my little Duke cheerleading outfit!

Mari said...

Steve, They did play well. So sorry for the loss. Here's to looking ahead!

Susan, We shall always capitalize DUKE and lower case carolina. :)

Emily, Somewhere we shall unearth the photos of you in your Duke cheer leading outfit--soooo cute!!!
Blue Devils all the way for a way good day!