Monday, January 26, 2009


Rats ushering in the Year of the Ox
{flickr by Ajlsen's photostream}
Happy New Year, China!
{flickr by Roberto Hipp}
Symbol of the Ox;
symbolizes patience,
hard work, tenacity
and loyalty.
{flickr by origami3d_cranes}
Family and friends exchange
red envelopes stuffed with money,
in hopes of a prosperous new year.
{flickr KayCpics}
We will be celebrating, too.
{flickr by someotherbob}
Mr. R and I shall be reading the
fortune baked within the cookie.
Sure hope it is a way good message
for a way good Chinese New Year!
{flickr Sutanto}

1 comment:

Nguyen Family said...

Anthuan was born in the year of the Ox! The description is pretty good (he's still working on the patience though ha ha).
Happy New Year!