Friday, January 9, 2009


There was a knock, knock, knock on our front door Sunday evening, December 21. We opened the portal of our home to find J and her New Orleanian, four legged guest, Lucy, upon our doorstep; a full twenty four hours before they were expected! J had left at 4 am and driven straight through to be home to help clean and decorate before other guests arrived for the holiday.
What a gift!
Whether Lucy was running...
jumping in the snow,
or just melting our hearts with her joy of life;
Whether Lou was sneaking yet unopened toys
or sticks from her treat bag,
or patiently waiting, always waiting, for someone to throw her "baby" which she always set upright by your leg,
or resting under the lights of the tree, which she loved running around and pulling off branches, which is why we did not put up ornaments this year;
Whether Lucy was sleeping on every bed in the house, as she is an equal giver of her canine love, on the pillows; this is no lay at the bottom of the bed dog, noooo sirree, or mam...she is a southern gal;
She was happy.
They were happy.
And we totally fell in love with Lou, this dog rescued from the pound in New Orleans, that J was dog sitting over the holidays.
Miss Lucy left an indelible mark
in our Christmas 2008 hearts
in the best possible way!
Thank you, J and Lou, for a way good holiday!
Love, all of us

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Emily said...

You got such great photos of her! Ahhh I just love that pup. And the squeaky babies!