Tuesday, February 9, 2010

mama always knows best!

Yesterday, on the way home from school,
I pulled off to the side of a snow covered street
in our neighborhood
to allow emergency vehicles pass me by.
And what a fleet it was...
led by an ambulance,
followed by one, two, three, four (4!) firetrucks
{one of which was a huge ladder truck}
caboosed by a Fire Battalion SUV.
I quickly said a prayer for whomever sent for them.
After they were safely well past me I continued on--
to realize they had turned onto our court.It turned out a neighbors house had a gas leak.
As our court was completely full, stem to stern,
of emergency vehicles
I obviously couldn't get home.
I was told by one of the fire fighters I could park my car
on the side street and walk to my house.
Oh dear.
I was not prepared...at all!
In my Saints celebratory wear,
I was wearing these shoes--
not conducive to walking our snow packed slippery street.What had I been thinking?
Obviously, I hadn't been.
When we finally were allowed down our cul de sac,
after our neighbors house was deemed safe,
the first thing I did,
was put my Uggs on my feetthen added my extra pair of boots
to my trunk of emergency gear which includes
a heavy coat, gloves, water and a snack,
a scraper, flares, a container of kitty litter
{for traction} and a small shovel.
My mother will cringe when she reads thisbut I want you to be prepared!
I thought I was but not as fully as I could be
and now am--rest assured Mom.
And thank you for the boots!
{photo one by flickr jeisimmons}

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