Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My understanding is that various (every?)
krewes are donating a float for the
Saints to ride upon for the
Super Bowl Champions
celebration parade.
Incredibly generous and unprecedented!
I love that this parade was being held
whether they had won or not;
that's the spirit of this city!
Celebrating this team that has lifted and unified these
people who have not only survived but thrived!
This is a text we received from our girls
a few hours ago,
"Sitting in chairs on the side of Poydras Street
at the foot of the Superdome.
This moment is unreal!!!!!!"
It will be quite a celebration--
Cajun food, music and the Who Dat Nation!
They know how to do parades in the Big Easy!
{Live coverage on CNN at 6:00 EST}


Allison said...

I cheered for the Saints the whole game since I knew how much you all loved them! I'm so glad they won!! How fun for Jessica and Emily to be at the parade! :)

Mari said...

Thank you for the Saints support!
It really is about a city, a region, a people who survive and even thrive. That's the Who Dat Nation!