Monday, August 31, 2009

What better way to end the month
than to go berry picking?
It was a gorgeous day;
sunny, but an unusually cool 78 degrees.
{Much cooler than picking
blueberries in Mississippi in July.}
I sure did miss my berry picking girls!
I knew this year the farmer had grown edamame,
fresh, green soybeans,
my sistah had introduced to me this summer.
I picked a plant, brought it home,
pulled the pods off the plant
and then washed them with the garden hose.
While Mr R and I were eating the freshly picked
bi color "Ambrosia" sweet corn,
please allow me to insert, "Mmmmmm"
{and again, how I missed sharing it!}
the edamame was boiling on the stove for four minutes.
I then plunged the vessels into an ice bath to stop the cooking,
drained them and added freshly ground sea salt.
Delicious, full pods--
it was a wonderful last day of August!

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