Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I have been gone eight weeks this summer.
E-i-g-h-t weeks.
Yes, we have been gone that long before
but we were
So today, the very day I uttered the words,
"I am going to be staying home for a loooong while,"
guess who rolls out a fantastic flight-get-away plan?

They announced an "All-You-Can-Jet Pass!" where one can fly on their airline anywhere one desires to their 57 destination cities, as often as you wish and can, from September 8 to October 8, 2009, for $599.

I love this airline where each passenger has their own screen.
How fun to go on four consecutive weekend trips!
{I believe I read in the CNN article that price also
includes all taxes and fees for domestic flights
with no blackout dates or seat limitations.}
Go here to read any/all fine print.
Too bad they have pulled our city off their route.
I hope you can sign up for the plan and as they say,
"Happy Jetting!"

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Steve said...

Let's plan a trip and take it together.