Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ah...the city I love.
The Canal Grande
is the main (water) thoroughfare
with its colorful confluence
of weaving gondolas and vaporetti.
The Venetian life...
Andare qualunque tempo,
qualunque stagione,
per una maniera un buono giorno!


Burke and Hayley said...

Glad to find your blog! It is very cute!

Emily said...

I think you should always leave your tag line in Italian! So fun! And I really, really want to go back to Italy.

Steve said...

What a great picture of Venice. It brings back a LOT of great memories.

Mari said...

Hayley, Glad we found each others blogs. Will be fun to stay in touch!

Emily, V,v intriguing thought regarding my tag line...I think I will post in Italian once in awhile; I hadn't even entertained the idea. Thanks for the suggestion and for so many summers fun in Italia!!!

Steve, Thank you for suggesting the word "weaving" in my writing of Venezia!