Saturday, September 6, 2008

love and prayers

You may notice the button on my side bar.  It is a link to the Nielsen's blog: Stephanie (Nie Nie), her husband, Christian, and their four young children.  Stephanie and Christian were in a tragic, single plane crash a few weeks ago, on Saturday, August 16.  The flight instructor, the third person on the flight, died a day after the accident.  Christian has burns on 30% of his body and Stephanie...I can hardly write burned over 80% of her body.  I don't personally know Stephanie, but I feel I do through reading her blog for the last year. Please, join her family and friends in prayer for Stephanie and Christian; for all their doctors and caretakers; and, for her amazing family that has banded together to keep life fun and moving forward for their four young ones.   
May we all be kind and uplifting to our nearest and dearest.  Make it a way good day!

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