Sunday, September 28, 2008

Post Ike

As the garbage men slowly snaked through the neighborhoods, ingesting pile upon pile of refuse, I made sure we were home to thank each crew.  The recycling guys; the lawn pick-up crew--so many branches and limbs to contend with; and, our heroes, the regular garbage crew hauling away bag upon bag of refrigerator and freezer remanants.  For each group we went to the curb, thanked them profusely and offered an ice cold bottle of refreshing water.  
I have always tried to say "thank you."  My dear husband taught me to take this a step further years ago.  One day, upon our doorstep stood two people proselytizing for their church; no, not our church.  I told the sharers we were very happy with our church, would they like to know more about it and then thanked them for their service to the Lord.  My husband then came in from the back yard and offered them a cool drink.  After we closed the door I inquired of his generosity. He simply but powerfully replied, "They are God's children, too.  We need to treat all people with respect."
As we have and express gratitude; as the garbage men haul away our refuse; the world is a cleaner and better place so each day may be a way good one.
*photo by heartless jim

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