Friday, June 4, 2010

a celebration

After 18 days my fever has broken!!!
Someone mentioned it is June.
I am time frozen on May 17.
My voice is weak and I am still coughing a lot
but I have the whole summer ahead to heal as today is the
last day of the academic year.
{obviously I am at home-boo.}
Many have asked what happened.
After a ba-zillion tests, of all varieties,
they believe that while I was severely vomiting
after the ruptured ovarian cyst,
I aspirated particles into my lungs.
An unfortunate side effect I am now experiencing is
my stomach, esophagus and tongue are torn up
from the super strong meds and steroids
making eating. very. painful.
But aren't I lucky this is all it is?
I am indeed.
And for that I am celebrating our bodies;
whatever is going on with them, good and bad,
because it is the only one each of us has.
Come to the party, the table of gratitude, joy and celebration,
and as Kool & The Gang say,
"Bring your good times, and laughter too!"
{And happy summer vacation!}

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C'est La Vie said...

oh my gosh i can't believe it lasted that long! i'm so glad your feeling better :)