Thursday, April 8, 2010

goodbye spring {temporarily}

This is what we saw and heard on our
local television weather/news last night at 10:30.
We were told we would be awoken in the night by these
four elements of the severe weather forecast.
It had been a whopping 85 degrees
so the house was quite warm and due to the impending storm
we could not open the windows.
Who is going to crank on whole house air conditioning
for one evening? No one I know.
So the night was uncomfortably warm and unsettling.
Luckily, when we awoke, the storm had fizzled
on cue over our area, which is just fine!
As I mentioned, it was 85 yesterday; currently 45 degrees,
which is a little chilly after the past few days.
I came home from school, promptly opened the windows for fresh air,
and with that, I am going to take a nap!
[photo three by flickr sakura*aya]

1 comment:

daddiosr said...

Super cool (really cool - like 45 degrees cool). I think March and April have switched places for a day or two. Open the windows tonight, and throw on the blankets my love.