Thursday, December 3, 2009

The first thing for which I am grateful was actually meeting
Mr R in the airport from his international flight that arrived
on time. I am usually one of optimism but was doubtful we
would connect on this, the busiest travel day of the year.
{I was sooooo much more happy after I had checked my
bags and box....I had one suitcase with linen napkins
and a Thanksgiving centerpiece....a h-e-a-v-y box of
--it's a secret-- and my own carry on bag.
I do feel I still know how young mommies feel
lugging all their gear, car seats, strollers, etc; my
encumbrances now are just different. Wish I had met my
captain before I had hauled all of it in by myself from
long term parking, through the airport, etc
but this is life so one must roll with the suitcases,
even with bad knees. Grateful I have knees and legs.
I had tip money all ready for a sky cap whom I knew would
whisk my bags and box to the counter;
but alas, no, not one in sight.}
After checking my items, find one another
Mr R and I did and the rest was a breeze!
Even though it was quite late upon our arrival
it was a JOY
to have our girls and their pup meet us at the airport.
So fun to all be together!!!
Loved walking through Audubon Park with the
moss hanging from all its trees
with Emily and Miss Tulip.
They have water fountains for people as well as pups
which makes everyone happy and tails wag.
Glad Mr R and J could put in a few very long training
runs for the upcoming Mardi Gras Marathon in February!
Mmmm, delicious food including this lovely tart
that was delivered to the girls door by a dear friend.
{thank you- it was tres bien!}
Speaking of food...on Sunday Mr R and I team taught one of
our daughters Primary church class; children ages 3-8.
We were talking about blessings
and for what we each are grateful.
I asked them if they had eaten pie.
"Pie?" they responded in their southern accents.
I inquired what type of pie they had partaken,
thinking I might hear some pecan, not pecan but pecan in southern accent,
amongst apple or pumpkin.
Down the row of miniature chairs, each responded,
"Sweet potato pie!"
And grits.
We loved it!
Thrilled we could continue our annual tradition of seeing
the "Nutcracker" as the Moscow Ballet was in town
for a benefit performance for the Kingsley House
and enjoy these fountains outside the newly reopened
Mahalia Jackson Theatre.
I loved that Jessica pointed out the bananas growing
on this tree in the back yard next door.And for Miss Tulip {reading the Wall Street Journal}
we are so grateful--for her fun and frolic!
Very glad for the twenty four hours we spent with the rescue
pup we were hoping would come share our home with us.
She is a total sweetheart but with her lame leg just would not
be happy maneuvering our stairs or winter ice storms.
Tulip was so gentle with her!
We had a most wonderful time sharing our blessings
together at our girls' table.
Thank you, lovelies.
You are our greatest blessing of all!


Steve said...

What a fun trip we had. I was very happy that my plane arrived early to eliminate one source of worry.
And, I know you know, but I need to say it, you captured wonderful moments with your pictures.

Pompeii Purple said...

So glad y'all could visit for Thanksgiving! We loved having you, Tulip was in a constant state of exhaustion which equals pure bliss for her, and my Primary class obviously loved you! I think we should declare it a tradition :)

Mari said...

I think it would be a great tradition!