Monday, September 21, 2009

As summer ends,
I have so many amazing memories from my travels
for which I am so very grateful.
Now back home, one of my favorite times of the day
is when I hear that unique sound
of hummingbird wings,
which beat 50-80 times per second.
I glance out the back windows to observe and enjoy
our little hummer flapping its wings
in that magical horizontal shallow figure-8 pattern.
Hummingbirds supposedly have good memories
in their four year lifespan
to remember their food sources from previous years.
This is our first year placing pots of geraniums in this location;
I hope our memories serve us as well to remember to
place the pots back so our little hummer may return next year.
May it have a safe migration southward!
{flickr photo by janruss}

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