Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My fourth and final farmers market in New Orleans.
It was a rainy, steamy morning.
So fresh!
Dazzling smiles selling
fresh black eyed peas.
Always fresh shell fish and gator!
She knows I am not a partaker but an eager learner
so she set one of her beautiful crabs on her cooler.
At one of J's graduation dinners, my sistah
ordered a soft shell crab where you eat the entire creature.
Now that I see it I can understand.
It sure is fresh and alive!
Miss Taylor's beautiful basil.
The shrimp lady with her mornings catch
weighing the gems.
Wonderful dairy farmer, Mr. Smith.
He and his wife, whom was shopping at other stalls,
have milked their cows for 45 years.
Their milk is the best I have ever consumed--
they even sell to Whole Foods on Magazine Street.
The Smith's skim milk tastes like whole milk.
If you want a real treat, partake of their chocolate milk; amazing!
I ended my shopping with fruit bar, tamale and hydrangea purchases
to deliver to my favorite Crescent folks!

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Steve said...

You take beautiful pictures and tell such great stories. I would like to go to the market just to see what you saw (and what the girls see).